President Obama returns to the campaign trail


WASHINGTON (CNN) – A man who is more popular than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton has jumped onto the campaign trail.

President Barack Obama is now going to bat for Clinton. The president could bring a major boost to Clinton in key swing states, where the presidential race has been very close.

“It is good to be back out on the campaign trail,” said President Obama.

And with that, President Obama is campaigner in chief. His approval numbers now at 58 percent, far better than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. He knows his power among democrats, has been watching the polls, has been eager to get out there.

“Now, you often hear crazy stuff during a campaign season, but this year, we’ve had a little more crazy than usual,” said President Obama. “…think what’s happened to the Republican party.”

And he didn’t shy away with his own battle with the now democratic nominee.

“I got whupped here in Pennsylvania. She whupped me,” said President Obama. “She doesn’t quit.”

After an unusual endorsement, a tweet by the Clinton campaign that linked to a video of the president, he’s only appeared once in Charlotte, alongside Clinton, on the same day the FBI director announced he would not recommend criminal charges over her email use on a private server. Neither one mentioned it.

After that, there were two fundraisers. Now, he’s visiting Philadelphia and New York, but his schedule has been difficult. There were several foreign trips. The UN General Assembly is coming up, so really October is when we expect to see much more of him in a last minute push

“He is going to have to be the super delegate for her, hitting every town in Ohio and Florida, New Mexico, Nevada. I mean, he’s going to have to spread wide and really energize the Clinton campaign. The fear for Hillary Clinton is low voter turnout, and Obama has the opportunity, particularly with African-Americans, to help bring the numbers up in major urban centers,” said Douglas Brinkley, Presidential Historian.

History has been tricky for Presidents on the trail. George W Bush’s low approval numbers kept him out. He did host an endorsement event, but candidate John McCain was awkwardly late!

Al Gore opted to avoid Bill Clinton after the Monica Lewinsky scandal, though Clinton was still popular.

Ronald Reagan, on the other hand, was seen as a huge boost to his vice president, George HW Bush.

As opposed to, looking back a little further, former President Eisenhower, who didn’t like Richard Nixon, didn’t go to bat for him and in 1960, he lost to JFK.

Now, with Hillary Clinton locked in battle with Donald trump, and Bill Clinton not being as active as he once was, President Obama may be the most busy presidential campaigner of all time.

“We cannot afford suddenly to treat this like a reality show. We can’t afford to act as if there’s some equivalence there,” said President Obama.

Once we see what October will bring.

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