(CNN) – Protests at republican town halls are playing out across the country. The angry protesters are showing up and sometimes even shutting down the events. This comes after members of Congress were warned about their safety and the safety of their staff.

There was town hall fury from Utah to Nebraska. Constituents chased down congressmen at public events.

The GOP braced for the protests, with the president even noticing. Trump said, “They fill up our rallies with people that you wonder how they get there.”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer shared the administration’s theory, saying, “The Tea Party was an organic movement. This has become a very paid, astroturf-type movement.”

The team responsible for the movement includes three former democratic congressional staffers.

Leah Greenberg from Indivisible Guide said, “We had seen a very powerful local activist movement, the Tea Party emerge, and so we knew exactly how powerful local action could be because it had been used against us very effectively.”

Days after the election, based loosely on Tea Party tactics, they sketched out an online guide for progressives of how to stop Trump’s agenda.

Greenberg noted, “It was 10 people were reading it. Then 20 people were reading it, then 90 people were reading it.”

Then it crashed. They posted what’s now known as the indivisible guide on a website. It has now been viewed 15 million times and downloaded 1.7 million times. About 7,000 indivisible groups formed following their step by step guide.

A viral video followed. Brave New Films says their $10,000 video was crowd sourced from $5 to $100 donations.

The guide’s authors have now filed with the IRS as a non-profit. There’s one full time employee, Ezra Levin, who still hasn’t been paid.

Three weeks ago, they put up a donation tab on their website. They said they have only received small donations so far.

Their growing movement is based on a simple idea.

Levin explained, “No! is a complete sentence. That’s a smart move because it keeps your coalition together and it allows you to have the greatest impact possible.”