Pumpkin carving inspiration with artist


AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Amsterdam native Phil Singer expresses creativity through every detail of a project.

“It’s different than your standard pumpkin carving, where you normally cut out the eyes, nose, and mouth,” Singer said. “You have to see into the pumpkin to figure out what to leave.”

Singer has been involved with art for well over 30 years, and his pumpkin sculptures bring fall decorations to the next level.

“Having an interesting expression is what I usually try to go for most of the time. You explore your own brain and ideas that you have,” Singer said.

If you want to aim for something a little more intricate than a typical Jack-o’-lantern, he says the proper tools make all the difference.

“The ribbon tools are great for scraping and getting into those details,” Singer said. “It’s more like a sculpture, actually.”

While Singer says it might not be award-winning material from the get-go, with the proper drive to succeed, anyone can do it.

“It’s a small percentage of talent and a whole lot of drive that really make something happen,” Singer said. “Don’t get discouraged. If you see something and you think ‘I will never be able to do that,’ don’t do that… instead use it as inspiration and say ‘I want to do that, how do they do that?’ Research it, find out how they did it. It’s really is the technique and how they manage it and take your creative ideas and apply those techniques to it.”

Singer’s art can be found online.

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