(KCRA) The mother of a missing Yuba College student has received several text messages claiming the 20-year-old was kidnapped.

Authorities said Alycia Yeoman’s mother first received a message Tuesday night, making demands. The messages were sent to Yeoman’s mother through an online source which used multiple IP addresses, making it difficult to trace.

The FBI is now involved in the case and is helping search for Yeoman.

She was last seen around 11 p.m. Thursday when she drove away from a home in Yuba City, the Gridley Police Department said.

Surveillance video from a Live Oak homeowner shows Yeoman’s truck driving onto a levee around 10:55 p.m. Thursday night. The video shows Yeoman’s truck go around a gate and then drive on top of the levee along an orchard. Investigators believe after what is captured on surveillance video, the truck went down the levee and into the orchard where it became stuck.

At the scene, law enforcement found a single pair of footprints walking away and Yeoman’s cell phone.

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