Restaurant employee, woman bond over cancer battle


CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WTKR/CNN) – A restaurant worker is taking action to help a woman battling cancer.

A survivor herself, she hopes her small act of kindness will inspire others.

All Buffie Hipps wanted from this Chesapeake restaurant was her favorite enchiladas.

It was going to be her first real meal since undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer.

“I said by the way do you think you could possibly separate the queso because I’m doing radiation treatment that my husband cannot be around me,” Hipps explained on the phone.

But she would get following that phone call.

“Rancho Grande. How may I help you?”

Rosei Macias took the call, and it was much more personal for her than just putting a food order.

“I related and empathized with her,” Macias said.

Instead of just separating Hipps’ queso, Macias paid for her meal and asked if they could stay in touch.

“I just started crying. It was just very touching,” Macias said. “I want her to think of me as like a resource – somebody that she can talk to or ask questions about anything.”

Macias has been cancer free for about three years.

“I spent a whole lot of time alone. There as a lot of dietary restrictions. I couldn’t be around people. That’s why I left like I could relate on a personal level,” she said.

Hipps said she’s able to be around people again, one of the first things she’s gonna do is come to the restaurant and give Macias a huge hug, and tell her thank you.

“She just went a step above when she didn’t have to,” she said.

In a few days, Hipps said she will find out if the cancer is completely gone.

Both Hipps and Macias said they hope their story inspires others to pay it forward to people still in the fight.

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