Ritmeaux Krewe: Culture with a pulse


NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA– “Ritmo” is the Spanish word for rhythm and Bianca San Martin certainly has a lot of it. Bianca is the founder of Ritmeaux Krewe, Louisiana’s first Latin music dance marching group.

Bianca is partner in dance with life. She uses her craft to bring hispanic cultural awareness to the city of New Orleans and say, “playing our music as loud as we can, brings a lot of joy and representation and it’s really important. There are a lot of Latinos in this city.”

The story of Ritmeaux Krewe began in 2014, when Bianca and her brother were attending Mardi Gras and noticed something was missing out of of one the world’s most diverse parties.

“It was really noticeable that there was no Latin music being played. I made a promise to myself that on the next Mardi Gras, I would make sure that there would be Salsa and Bachata music. I wanted there to be more of my culture in my city’s representation.”

Bianca’s father hails from Puerto Rico and is a Tulane Graduate. Her mother is from Honduras and is also the woman who inspired Bianca to learn the art of Salsa dancing.

“She knew that it would be a great connector for me. She said that I was Latina and that dancing was what I would do about it,” said Bianca.

For several years now, Bianca has bestowed her gift of rhythm, ritmo and “ritmeaux” to whoever is willing to dance; including an NOPD officer who took her hand in front of Gallier Hall as a dancing partner. Ritmeaux Krewe has grown from having ten members to now having over 60 members and counting.

“Everybody is welcome, ages 18 and up. You don’t have to be Hispanic or speak Spanish or know Salsa. We will show all of that to you.”

To learn more about Salsa dancing and perhaps join Ritmeaux Krewe click here.

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