NEW HAVEN, Conn (WTNH) – Sci-fi sights like video of the Atlas robot released by Boston Dynamics may have opened the eyes of many.

Robots have become amazingly human like, and somewhat frightening.

According to Professor Chris Martinez of the University of New Haven, robots will continue to shape and alter the world we live in.

“That technology has really started to come together, we have courses here that are dealing with these human robots,” said Martinez.

Students at the University of New Haven have been programming robots to respond and react, in many different ways.

“Voice recognition, was pretty cool too – you can put in dictionaries,” said senior Justin Grannis.

Students programmed the robot to dance the Macarena and avoid objects in its path.

The robots ability to recognize, decipher and identify prove some of the most promising advancements.

“The order of the blocks from top to bottom is blue, red, green,” a robot echoed after reaching its target destination.

“It could be at a store, someone could up to the robot and say I’m lost, the robot can look at it and say…oh it’s a kid, it can try to find the parents. If it’s an adult it can ask ok what are you looking for,” said Martinez.

Technology meant to assist human beings, with doors to new possibilities being open every day.