NEW YORK (WWLP) – The Stock Market suffered its worst drop of the year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropping more than 1,000 points Monday morning. There are two big key factors why the stock market has dropped; inflation-fighting measures from the Federal Reserve and the possibility of conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Inflation is putting pressure on businesses and consumers as demand for goods continues to outpace supplies. Rising costs are raising concerns that consumers will start to ease spending because of the persistent pressure on their wallets.

Rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine are also the cause for the stocks decreasing. The State Department has ordered families of U.S embassy employees in Ukraine to leave the country and authorized some U.S. government employees to depart due to the potential of Russian military action.

The market is waiting to hear from Federal Reserve policymakers after their latest meeting ends Wednesday. Some have expressed concern that the government is already moving too late to combat high inflation.