BOSTON (WWLP) – State lawmakers are considering a proposal that would allow you to register to vote on Election Day.

Twenty states currently allow residents to register to vote on Election Day, and public officials want to make Massachusetts number 21.

The Joint Committee on Election Laws is considering a proposal to give Massachusetts residents the option to register to vote on Election Day.

“We need to make it possible for more people to vote, for more people to have a say in our democracy and that’s what election day registration is all about,” said Attorney General Maura Healey.

Current state law prevents people from being able to vote if they aren’t registered or if a mistake was made on their registration form. By allowing same-day voter registration, people who wish to register at the polls, on Election Day, would have the opportunity to do so. The election laws committee will also consider a proposal to expand early voting.

“Five days of early voting will lessen the pressure at the polls on that day, I think it’s proven to be a very effective way of letting people vote and make sure they have no trouble,” Secretary of State William Galvin said.

In an effort to get more people to the polls, Massachusetts lawmakers are also considering a proposal to allow 16 and 17-year-olds the opportunity to vote.

The Election Laws Committee didn’t make any decisions on the bills on Thursday, but many people are hopeful to see voting laws change before the 2020 election.