Sanders touts reconciliation bill to Vermonters at Labor Day town hall


Just off the heels of a Midwest tour, Vermont’s Sen. Bernie Sanders spent time in his own backyard this weekend touting the in’s and out’s of the federal budget proposal to Vermonters.

Hundreds came out to the Middlebury Green for the Labor Day town hall. Sanders calls the bill the most consequential piece of legislation in modern history for working Americans.

“If we do not allow demagogues to divide us up based on the color of our skin or where we were born or our sexual orientation or our religion,” Sanders said. “If we are prepared to stand together and look these problems in the eye, not only can we solve them, we can move this county and this world to a better place.”

As chairman of the senate budget committee, Sanders has a pivotal role in crafting the proposal. He says it will fund expansion of child care, health care, and climate initiatives.

Specifically, he says it will make community college tuition free, extend the $300 per month child tax credit, and create a ‘civilian climate course’. Vermont Congressman Peter Welch also spoke out in support.

“It’s about the confidence that ‘you know what’, we’re entitled to have a government that pursues policies to achieve our aspirations to be good neighbors, create strong families, and build strong communities,” Rep. Welch said. “That’s what this is fundamentally about.”

The proposal has garnered criticism and backlash from many republicans who say it will just pile more onto the nation’s growing debt.

“But we have the majority,” Sen. Sanders said. “And we are damn well prepared to use that majority to do what has to be done.”

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