Sen. Tedisco talks taking charge during Cuomo, Spitzer impeachment attempts


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Senator Jim Tedisco is emphatic that impeachment is coming against Governor Cuomo following the attorney general investigation into sexual allegations against him.

“I’ll say directly to the governor, you were never New York strong, you were always New York wrong, and now you’ve got to be New York gone,” Tedisco says Wednesday.

Sen. Tedisco says he’s already lived, worked, and tried to impeach one governor under fire. It’s not a process he’s looking forward to repeating.

“Elliot Spitzer at one time, who told me he was an ‘effing steamroller’, he was going to roll over me and anybody else who got in his way,” he recalls to NEWS10’s Mikhaela Singleton.

“This type of toxicity can happen any time an elected official gets it into their head the law doesn’t apply to them,” he goes on to say.

The calls for Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign or be impeached echo the 2008 prostitution scandal involving former governor Elliot Spitzer. At that time, Sen. Tedisco was among the first lawmakers to challenge Spitzer with impeachment if he did not resign.

“We were ready to bring impeachment to the floor of the New York State assembly by amendment. We had a press conference, we said that, and the very next day he stood up and he did the right thing and he resigned,” Tedisco says.

Here again, Tedisco says he was the first to draft legislation calling for an independent investigation into both the sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo and the policies connected to the spike in COVID-19 nursing home deaths. However, resignation seems unlikely from Governor Cuomo. The governor has repeatedly denied any thoughts of stepping away from his position or a future fourth-term campaign.

The only successful New York gubernatorial impeachment was leveled against William Sulzer in 1913 over campaign finance fraud. Tedisco claims if and when the judiciary committee can introduce impeachment articles as early as Monday, a bipartisan vote out would be a walk in the park.

“If my colleagues can get a backbone in the New York State Assembly and start this process, I’ll guarantee you he will be gone from the impeachment process in the New York State Senate, because I’m positive the votes are there for that,” Tedisco says. “I think he has to be impeached so we send a message, he should’ve never been governor and he shouldn’t be in any elected position now or in the future.”

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