BOSTON (WWLP) – Last week, the State Senate passed their version of a sports betting bill, but it’s still unclear whether they’ll be able to come to a compromise with the House’s version.

For years, legalized sports betting has been a topic of debate at the State House. Now, with the House and Senate both passing their versions of the bill, will they be able to get it over the finish line?

On Thursday, the State Senate passed it’s sports betting bill through a voice vote, unlike the House, which took a roll call vote.

There are a few differences between the House and the Senate bills, the most contentious being whether to allow collegiate sports betting.

The House version allows for collegiate betting, where the Senate’s version does not.

Ron Mariano, Speaker of the House said, “I am disappointed that is appears the Senate left probably the largest betting event in Massachusetts in the NCAA tournament in the hands of the black market.”

If college betting is not allowed, it is estimated that revenues would drop up to $35 million dollars annually.

All the amendments to the Senate’s version of the bill that had to do with college sports betting failed to pass.

A conference committee has yet to be appointed, but Speaker Mariano has said in the past that if college sports are not included that it would ‘probably be a deal break’.