SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The official start of summer is just about here, but as the warm weather pushes on, so does the pollen count.

Millions of Americans struggle with seasonal allergies. Spring allergies typically hit in the month of February and run through the early summer.

Weather contributes to how bad an allergy season will be. Heavy rain can help wash away tree pollen, while wind can bring pollen from different parts of the country.

One local Springfield resident, Sandy Hines, pointed out how certain areas have been hit harder with pollen levels than others, “I know some of my friends who live out in the country, like Southampton, they leave their windows shut because the pollen actually comes into their home and they use central air. That’s what they told me last week how they combat it.”

Seasonal allergies can persist up until the start of July. There are ways to manage symptoms. Over the counter medications and limiting time outside to lessen pollen exposure are a couple of options. Scheduling an appointment with an allergist can help pinpoint which pollen types trigger your symptoms.