Sheriff’s Officer members continue to be impersonated in phone scams


ONEIDA COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY) – The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office would like to notify the public that phone scams in which officers are being impersonated continue in the area.

Victims of these scams say that the caller claims to be from the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and makes accusations that they have missed court dates, ignored a jury summons, and/or that they have pending fines against them. The callers go on to tell victims that they need to “obtain a certain amount of money and go to the Sheriff’s Office and use the kiosk there to put the money in and they provide an account number for it to be sent”, with threats of jail time if they do not cooperate.

“We urge everyone again, please be careful with giving out personal information as these people may sound authentic and know certain details about you to make you think they are legitimate, and if you feel it may be a scam or are not comfortable giving personal information over the phone, ask the caller for a name, a phone number, the address they are calling from, and tell them you want to check with someone before going any further and that you will call them back.”

The OCSO will never call you in-regards-to outstanding fines that you may have. They are handled through the court system in their respective jurisdictions. The Civil Division makes collections for civil judgements, income executions, and accepts payments. But that is only with a court order, which is not through the Sheriff’s office.

If you or anyone you know receives a call like this, it is recommended that you contact law enforcement immediately at (315) 736-0141. ​

The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office reminds everyone to always be ‘S.C.A.M.’ smart:

* Stop and take a breath. Scammers will put you on the spot and make you feel rushed

* Collect your thoughts. If the call seems suspicious, it probably is

* Act swiftly, disengage the caller, and hang up the phone

* Make a report with local law enforcement

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