UPDATE // The event has been rescheduled to June 2 at 4 p.m.

SOUTH HADLEY, Mass. (WWLP) – An installation of “Off the Beaten Path: A Celebration of Local Ecology“, created by Mount Holyoke College students was held Thursday.

The Friends of Buttery Brook Park invited the community of South Hadley to join them in a celebration of local Ecology. As part of the celebration a beautiful new mural was unveiled today, painted by students from Mount Holyoke Community College.

The mural was created during the college’s Public Art course with 16 students painting the six-panel local ecology–themed piece with lecturer Pasqualina Azzarello. It includes a sun flowing across a river with a flying blue heron.

“It is absolutely the result of a collective process,” lecturer Azzarello said. “When we think back to when we first got started on this project, none of us ever would have imagined this.” Azzarello added, “Public art is very special because it can really be a platform and art doesn’t always do that itself. So when you have this real strong community investment. It means a lot to have all that investment support.”

Azzarello hopes the mural will bring inspire wonder and curiosity to the children visiting the park.

A student majoring in studio art says “the community is the primary influencer for what we’re doing. We are talking to them asking them what they want to see. Our whole theme of local ecology is because Pasqualina reached out to board members of the town and asked what they wanted. I really like the reciprocal relationship that comes from this. This is making art that the world will definitely see.”

 The mural was originally set to be revealed Wednesday, but was delayed due to the forecast of rain.