SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A grant award from Children’s Trust of Massachusetts totaling
$1.4 million per year for the next five years is to help thousands of families in Springfield. These families will continue to benefit from Square One’s Healthy Families program due to the grant award.

“Square One is proud to continue to provide this vital service to families throughout greater Springfield and to serve as a model for other programs around the country,” says Melissa Blissett, Square One’s Vice President of Family Support Services. “The program encapsulates our mission, and with the success we have achieved since program inception in 2010, we are eager to continue the important work we have been engaged in with parents, their children, and their extended families.”

Home-based family support and coaching program called Healthy Families assists new parents in providing secure, supportive settings for their kids.

The initiative pairs parents with qualified specialists who pay home visits to support families during the first three years of a child’s life and while pregnant. Visitors instruct parents on proper baby care in the home adopt excellent parenting techniques, encourage caring and bonding, and guarantee parents have a solid knowledge of kid growth in a healthy way.

They also give parents advice on accomplishing their objectives, such as finding employment or returning to school.

“Our goal in everything we do is to position our children for success in school and beyond,” says Square One President & CEO Dawn DiStefano. “In order to be successful in this goal, we know that we have to focus on the whole family and the challenges endured by both children and their parents. Our Healthy Families program enables us to take on this holistic approach to serving our community.”

From the time of pregnancy until the child is three, parents can enroll in the program. The participating families are assisted by Square One’s professionally trained home visitors and supervisors as they work to address the difficulties that parenthood can present, locate community resources, and support parents as they pursue personal objectives like finishing school or locating the ideal job.