SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield’s Gasoline Alley District is mostly known for its fuel storage tanks, but the area may soon gain fame as a farming hub.

Just a short distance from the iconic gasoline storage tanks along Albany Street, the Urban Artisan Farm grows lettuce using the hydroponics food system; which means growing the lettuce in water rather than dirt.

Four types of lettuce were announced Thursday as the first harvest of the Gasoline Alley Foundation‘s new test concept called the Tenzuli. It’s envisioned as the first step to large scale lettuce production in Springfield.

Treasurer of the Gasoline Alley Foundation, Jack Wysocki, told 22News, “There’s a food desert in this area, which is not enough healthy food to be able to walk to. We’re going to help facilitate that goal too.”

The foundation eventually hopes to employ 200 people growing enough lettuce to meet the needs of western Massachusetts consumers. It will harvest its first crop, enough to feed 10 people, next Monday.