SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — Families from all over New England joined in on the fun-filled day Saturday, which allowed kids to learn all about the life and legacy of Dr. Seuss.

The birthday party went ahead as scheduled on Saturday despite an overnight storm bringing wet, slushy snow to western Massachusetts.

“Yeah, there’s a whole lot to do here. A lot of fun stuff!,” expressed Tim Maynard of Springfield.

People 22News spoke to said they planned ahead so as to not let the winter storm wreck their weekend activities. Jenn Dunham drove all the way from Union, Maine, “We were disappointed with the weather coming, because in Maine we were supposed to be getting over a foot, so we decided to come up last night and stay for the whole weekend so that we still got to come.”

Jenn Dunham said spending time indoors on a snowy day is ideal for her son, Bentley. “He doesn’t really like snow because he doesn’t walk yet, so when you put him in a snowsuit, he just kind of flops over and is stuck,” she added.

Other parents like Abigail Clark from Hope Valley, Rhode Island appreciated the interactive nature of the celebration,” I know it’s hands-on, so she’ll have lots of fun and everything here. We stayed overnight last night so that we could be here still as long as they were open, which they are.”

The weather was seemingly not a hindrance for folks in our area, with many thanks for a switch of scenery.

“Just to get out of where you’re always at. Yeah, it’s a really good idea,” expressed Tasen Maynard of Springfield.