SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A man was arrested Thursday night after Springfield police allegedly found nearly 30 grams of cocaine during a traffic stop.

According to Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney, 25-year-old Derek Tweedie of Gilbertville, is being charged with trafficking in cocaine.

Delaney said officers saw a woman sitting inside a parked car on Andrews Street during their patrol, and ran the license plate. Once officers found out the car was unregistered, Delaney said they turned around to go back to the car and saw Tweedie get in.

The officers stopped the car on Concord Terrace and saw Tweedie allegedly trying to hide something, which officers say turned out to be 28 grams of cocaine. Officers also allegedly found $1,160 in cash inside the car.

Tweedie was held overnight and is scheduled to be arraigned in Springfield District Court Friday.