SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Mayor Domenic Sarno joined representatives from Eversource and the Superintendent of Springfield Schools Tuesday, to showcase energy efficiency improvements.

As part of an upcoming visit by city leaders and energy efficiency experts to Rebecca M. Johnson Elementary School, Eversource and Springfield Public Schools built energy-efficient upgrades in the kitchens of close to 30 elementary, middle, and high schools. Springfield Public Schools serve 40,000 meals a day to students in addition to sending 25,000 meals home with students per week.

“What we have done is we are feeding the children healthier better quality food and its reducing the visits to the nurse, and what’s happening is it’s increasing the graduation rate for the schools and it’s been a total benefit, yes for the money but also for the students and the education value,” said Al Fratini, Account Manager at Singer Kittredge Food Service.

They started working on this project about 18 months ago and have provided six ovens and five holding cabinets to increase food quality.