SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – There has still been no agreement on a contract between Springfield Symphony Orchestra Management and the musicians’ union.

The SSO sent an open letter to the community expressing all their concerns facing the future of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.

In this recent statement, the SSO said they are “exploring all options to assure the future of live professional symphonic music in the Valley.”

They claim the “core of the SSO’s dispute with the musicians’ union is whether the SSO should have the operational flexibility to permit its long term survival.”

Musicians of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra Inc., or MOSSO, has been at odds with SSO management.
22News spoke with their first violinist, Bob Lawrence on what they’re looking for.

Lawrence said, “we the musicians of the orchestra feel like management has been missing in action and we want to fill the void to provide Springfield and the Pioneer Valley concerts, its that simple.”

Lawrence also added that they want to keep the status quo of ten concerts per season, while management wants less.

Although the SSO management said “they have been engaged with the musicians union on a new contract”, Lawrence said they haven’t been at the table for negotiations since before the pandemic started, but he is hoping they come to an agreement soon.