SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Star Spangled Springfield fireworks display light up the sky Monday night to celebrate the Fourth of July.

Star-Spangled Springfield took place at Riverfront Park from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with many families throughout western Massachusetts in attendance. Some like Luis Torres and his family got there early to claim a spot, in anticipation of the fireworks display.

“They’re going off at the bridge. I’m thinking it will be a nice view,” said Torres.

Danny Angers and Lana Cote attended for the Beatles tribute band “Union Jack” but they told 22News they were taking in all of Star Spangled Springfield’s festivities.

“You can’t beat this weather. It’s absolutely gorgeous,” said Lana. “Summers are short. You’ve got to take advantage of the weather.”

Monday’s nice weather was enjoyed by people of all ages, including 10-year-old Felisha Hughley from Springfield.

“This is so exciting,” she expressed. “I got a dog and I got my face painted too. It’s like the best day ever.”

The main event was a world-renowned firework display off of Memorial Bridge. 22News caught up with David Van Buskirk, the Chief Pyrotechnician of the firework display Monday morning, who said a lot goes into preparation for the show.

“We stage it, we get everything ready and then that’s why they close the bridge so we can work all night and the products will come up. And that’s when we start working and dropping the shells and laying out all the stuff out on the ground behind the Mass Mutual piece and we just hang out until showtime,” said Van Buskirk.

Face painters, balloon artists, and a Massachusetts Army National Guard ball toss were all in hand for attendees to enjoy. There was also live music, kicking off first with the National Anthem followed by musical entertainment by Union Jack. The evening culminated with the amazing fireworks by Grucci.

A Fourth of July celebration like Star Spangled Springfield takes time to prepare. 22News spoke with the woman behind it all, Judy Matt, the President & CEO of Spirit of Springfield. She told us, “This is my favorite of everything we do because it’s like everyone’s holiday. And it gives people the opportunity to celebrate and when you see the looks on the people when the fireworks go off, it’s worth all the work they’ve done.”

Judy added none of this wouldn’t have been possible without the support they received from Springfield police and fire departments.

Watch the full fireworks show below:

The Spirit of Springfield has been presenting Star Spangled Springfield since 1991.