BOSTON (WWLP) – State lawmakers hope to keep tired drivers from getting behind the wheel by building more public awareness about the risks of drowsy driving.

While it isn’t against the law, it’s still dangerous. 850 lives were lost because of drowsy driving in 2014.

Belmont State Senator William Brownsberger filed a bill that addresses several forms of distracted driving. Under the proposal, the second week of November would be Drowsy Driving Prevention Week in Massachusetts, creating more public awareness around driver fatigue.

“Can you pass a law against it? It’s a little bit hard to define,” Brownsberger told 22News, “So I think the effort that the legislature has taken has been to more sort of build awareness of it and try to help people think more about it.”

Another bill calls for the Sunday at the beginning of Daylight Saving Time as Massachusetts Sleep Awareness Day. It promotes clinical research and access to care for individuals with sleep disorders.

Both bills are currently under committee review.