BOSTON (WWLP) – According to the Obesity Action Coalition, 25 percent of Massachusetts residents are affected by obesity.

The Massachusetts wing of the Obesity Action Council is looking to end the bias and stigma surrounding obesity. The coalition held a webinar this week to bring attention to the health struggle. The council is hoping to make insurance coverage more inclusive.

Some insurance carriers cover treatment for obesity, but often patients lose coverage when they drop a certain amount of weight.

Senator Adam Gomez is sponsoring a bill that would make Medicaid and MassHealth offer obesity treatments. The bill would require coverage for the treatment of obesity, including things like anti-obesity medication and nutrition counseling. Senator Gomez’s bill was referred to the Committee on Health Care Financing on Friday.

“Patients seeking treatment face not only the social stigma associated with the disease, but also a lack of insurance coverage to receive treatment for the wide spectrum of options needed to fully and effectively treat obesity. I believe in equitable health care access for all, no matter your health needs, your background, income, race, gender identity, or otherwise,” stated Gomez.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity is an epidemic in the United States and a major cause of death.