BOSTON (WWLP) – Animal rights advocates gathered at the statehouse on Wednesday to lobby in support of several bills on the legislature’s docket for this session.

A voice for the voiceless was the message as staff and legislators gathered in support of animal rights legislation. Their headline piece of legislation is an updated version of Ollie’s Law, a bill inspired by a Longmeadow dog that was attacked at daycare and later died from his injuries.

The updated version of the bill would regulate dog daycare and boarding facilities, put in place supervision requirements, and mandate housing, care, and injury reporting requirements. Representative Brian Ashe of Longmeadow sponsored the bill.

“Most people who have pets they’re part of the family and when you drop your son or daughter off, you expect care and you should get it and you do and we want the same thing if your dropping your dog off, you should have, at least have a minimum expectation that your dog will be cared and will be safe till you return to pick him up,” said East Longmeadow Rep. Brian Ashe.

Another bill, ‘An Act relative to animal welfare and DCF regulations,’ would change when human service employees can report animal abuse and remove restrictions for DCF adoptive and foster homes based on dog breeds.

“There are people in our Commonwealth who are eager and very qualified to be foster parents but because they have a German Shepard, for example, they are unable to move forward through the process,” said Ashland Rep. Jack Patrick Lewis.

Lastly, an omnibus animal bill has been filed that would address unsafe living conditions for animals, and prevent the sale of puppies and kittens under eight weeks old.

In addition to advocating for animal needs the animal organizations also spent the day collecting linens for animal shelters.

Learn more about current Massachusetts animals laws, regulations, cases and web sources on the state’s website.