BOSTON (SHNS) – The state is seeing a surge of migrants and those struggling to find housing.

The governor is waiting on the legislature and the Biden Administration to answer his requests for help when it comes to immigration. In November, the Baker Administration announced plans to create a temporary intake center in Devens to help with the increased demands for emergency shelter. The center at Devens opened up last week.

The plan is for families and individuals to stay at the intake center for only a few days, where they would be able to receive housing, human services, and case management.

The Baker Administration also filed a $139 million supplemental budget to “address the recent increase in demand for shelter,” $20 million of which was earmarked to create the center at Devens. Even though there has been a lack of movement on the spending bill, baker said last week that they are continuing to push forward with plans.

“The border’s not getting any better. We’re going to continue to see this happen over the course of the winter. We all know that when winter happens here, we have bigger issues than we have in warmer weather. We are talking families here, so I think from our point of view, this is something we really need to do.”

Baker also touched on his disappointment with the Biden Administration for not responding to a letter where he requested asylum seekers be given the opportunity to work while they’re being processed. Baker’s supplemental budget remains in the House Ways and Means Committee.