BOSTON (SHNS) – Gov. Charlie Baker has signed a $350 million transportation funding bill with a focus on fixing local roads and bridges.

Baker on Friday agreed to the bill that the House and Senate sent to his desk on Thursday after padding the traditional $200 million in annual financing for local road and bridge repairs with $150 million spread across six grant programs.

All 351 cities and towns will get a cut of the $200 million in Chapter 90 municipal road repair program funding. Municipalities have urged lawmakers for years to increase the annual $200 million allocation, citing demand for roadwork that consistently outpaces available funds.

Instead, lawmakers padded the bill (H 3903) with $25 million in additional borrowing to finance grants that will flow from six pots: a municipal small bridge program, bottleneck relief program, transit-supportive infrastructure, municipal bus transit grants, municipal mass transit access, and electric vehicles and electric-vehicle infrastructure that would be available to cities and towns, as well as regional transit authorities.