BOSTON (WWLP) – There is a growing movement among athletic teams to rebrand their mascot if deemed offensive.

Coming off the Super Bowl win of the Kansas City Chiefs, local Native leaders and allies are making another push to do away with Native American mascots at public schools. Senator Comerford has filed a bill in the Senate that would do just that.

This is a movement that has been going on nationally, most notably with the Washington Commanders and the Cleveland Guardians.

In western Massachusetts, Taconic High and Turner Falls High have both changed their school mascot, and Mohawk Trail Regional no longer uses a Native American in their logo.

However, there are still plenty of public schools in the state that use Native imagery and language.

“Native American mascots are harmful because, they propel very negative, often very derogatory stereotypes which create a hostile learning environment. Not only, frankly, for Native American students, but absolutely for Native American students, but also for students of color and also for students who are white.”

The bill itself would stop schools from using “team names, logos or mascots that refer to any racial, ethnic, gender, or religious group.” This is the fourth time this bill has been filed in the Senate.