BOSTON (WWLP) – There’s currently a bill on Beacon Hill that would amend the constitution when it comes to voting rights. Last week, a bill was voted favorably out of committee that would restore the voting rights of those currently serving time on felony convictions.

Senator Liz Miranda and Representative Erika Uyterhoeven are the lawmakers behind the bill. Now, similar bills have been filed in the past, but this is the first time it was reported favorably out of committee.

The constitutional amendment that took away the right for those convicted of felonies to vote while serving time was added in 2000 after voters approved a ballot question. Of the committee, eleven members voted for it favorably, two reserved their rights, and the three republican members, including Senator Ryan Fattman, voted against the bill.

“This is all about priorities and what are you going to push forward as fast as you possibly can to help people, and I don’t think allowing for people who have been committing serious crimes, to be giving them access to vote again is a priority,” said Senator Ryan Fattman, (R) Sutton.

Now, since this would be amending the constitution, the bill would need a favorable vote in the next two constitutional conventions in order for it to reach the ballot in November of 2026. The next constitutional convention is scheduled for next month.

Massachusetts is not the only state considering this measure, similar bills have also been filed in California and New York.