BOSTON (WWLP) – A quick fix to current law would allow private investigators access to records electronically, saving them hours of waiting around.

A bill in front of the Joint Committee on Transportation would allow private investigators easier access to records kept by the RMV. Private investigators and detectives are hoping for a more simple approach to accessing records that could help in their investigations.

Under current law, private investigators are already legally able to access the information they are seeking through the RMV under the Driver Privacy Protection Act. However, those working on cases now need to go to the RMV in person to get access to those files. Sometimes, requests even have to be made by mail.

This can lead to private investigators waiting hours in line at the RMV, alongside those who are at the RMV for more typical things like taking a road test. Not only is it frustrating to wait for hours, but it is costing taxpayers money.

Those working for the state are paid by Massachusetts taxpayers, and the time waiting in line at the RMV is currently billed. If this bill were to pass, this would save time and money, but also easier access to crucial information that could mean the difference between being found guilty or innocent.

“We’re standing there sitting waiting in line, the state pays for all of this. Taxpayers pay for all of it. So you think about something that could be done in five to ten minutes with the touch of a button, versus waiting three to four hours or sometimes longer than that to access the same information, it really isn’t a level playing field,” said Stan Vogt, President of Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts.

Law enforcement agencies and insurance companies can already access this type of information online. The bill was heard last week and has not yet been voted out of committee.

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