BOSTON (WWLP) – Snow started to fall in the eastern part of the state on Friday night but the brunt of the storm really hit Boston on Saturday morning.

In total, the city received 23.6 inches of snow, matching the one day record which was set back in 2003. 22News got the chance to speak with residents in Boston Monday about how the dig out was going and some were more eager about it than others.

Susan Stayman of Boston said, “This is day two, started yesterday waited like, let it all happen Saturday, got a lot of it yesterday like off the top of the car, around the side but there’s still snow.”

Luckily the sun was out Monday, which makes it easier for people to see where they are digging. Crews have been zipping up and down the streets in Boston to clear snow out of parking spaces.

State officials said that 3,000 pieces of equipment were deployed for this storm and 30 communities across the state set up warming centers to help homeless residents get out of the wind and snow.

Just to the south west of Boston, the town of Sharon had the highest snow total from this storm with 30 inches snow reported. Clean up is expected to take a few more days so residents all across the state are asked to have some patience and won’t crowd the plows.