BOSTON (WWLP) – Even though the November election is right around the corner, some people already have their eyes set on 2024. A campaign to suspend the gas tax has already been organized and is asking for support.

In Massachusetts, there is a 24-cents-per gallon gas tax and the average gallon of gas in the state currently costs $3.57. The campaign,, is hoping to suspend that tax when gas reaches three dollars or more.

The attorney general’s office has certified three versions of the possible ballot question, which has cleared the way for the committee to start the collection of their goal of 150,000 signatures.

“It’s going to impact everybody who buys gas in Massachusetts, it’s going to give them a break on their gas taxes when the price of gas goes too high”

The question would change how the gas tax is calculated. Currently, gas stations pay the tax on their deliveries and pass along the cost to consumers. This question would have the customer pay the tax directly, so it would show up on the customer’s receipt.

The campaign is also using an unconventional way to collect signatures. Voters will be asked to donate $2.95 to cover the cost of mailing the petition and processing the signature. The campaign is hoping by doing this, they can avoid the cost associated with hiring individuals to collect signatures.

Now if multiple people from the same household want to sign a petition, the cost remains the same at $2.95.