BOSTON (WWLP) – Members of the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) were at the State House Tuesday to call for improvements to public safety.

Driving schools across Massachusetts use goggles to simulate drunk driving. Now, a new tool developed by the CCC would simulate drunk and high driving.

Back in 2018, Massachusetts began selling marijuana recreationally. With that came a whole new set of challenges for public health officials across the state. To cut down on the number of impaired drivers on our roadways, the CCC wants the legislature to fund new technology that would be used in drivers education courses.

“The science is still somewhat unsettled about detecting impairment or peak impairment and that’s up for discussion so what else can we do? and what we can do is we can bring that message to the young people of Massachusetts,” said Kimberly Roy of the CCC.

Videos on social media platforms like TikTok have said high driving is safer than drunk driving. Members of the CCC want to dispel that myth and make it clear to young drivers that impaired driving of any kind is strictly prohibited in the Commonwealth.