BOSTON (WWLP) – Changes are coming to the Massachusetts seal and motto. The state commission that is reviewing the state seal and motto met Tuesday to discuss what modifications residents could see.

The commission is made up of state lawmakers, Massachusetts tribe members, representatives for the state commission on Indian affairs and other agencies.

During this meeting, a presentation was made by Micah Whitson, who was involved in the redesign of Mississippi’s State Flag. Last year, Mississippi changed their state flag to remove the confederate battle cross.

Whitson discussed the importance of symbolism and the need for a strong state motto. There was also consideration of asking the public for their input. Last meeting, the commission voted for a complete overhaul of the seal and motto.

“We had come to the conclusion that the current deal and motto had been causing harm to many citizens and residents of Massachusetts, most specifically our indigenous colleagues.”

Co-Chair, Brian Boyles

The Massachusetts seal and flag currently shows a controversial image of an indigenous person standing under an arm wielding a sword. The motto of the Bay State translated from Latin is, “By the Sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty”

The commission was originally given an October 2021 deadline, but it has since been extended until December of this year.