BOSTON (WWLP) – The MBTA’s shutdown of the Orange Line and part of the Green Line is meant to accelerate necessary construction. Monday was the first workday impacted by the Orange Line shutdown, one that is expected to inconvenience almost every commuter in the Boston area.

The shutdown will be until September 18th and is the longest shutdown of an entire line in MBTA history. This is all in the wake of a Federal Transit Administration probe into safety issues on the MBTA.

Governor Baker announced this shutdown earlier this month, stressing that in 30 days the T will be able to get 5 years of work completed. Service is being replaced by shuttles along the routes, causing concern for traffic in the area.

Officials will also be directing riders to the commuter rail along the Orange Line, which can be paid for by simply displaying a charlie card.

Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu, who took the Green Line and an Orange Line shuttle recently, was pleased with her commute, “No real bottlenecks, or traffic along the way, buses and trains coming very shortly at each stop that we were getting on and off at and overall, very hopeful that it seems like much of the planning and all of the details that we had discussed have been implemented and so far, so good.”

On top of the Orange Line, Green Line service is suspended in both directions between Government Center and Union Square until September 18th.

Also a cause for concern, the influx of students the city is going to see for the start of the new school year.

If you do plan to visit Boston, make sure to plan for extra time on the roads and on public transportation.