Hundreds of Massachusetts college students attended Higher Education Advocacy Day at the State House Thursday.

The group of student activists wants to better fund higher education across Massachusetts because they say it could also help to boost the state’s economy.

The Fund Our Future Coalition is working with the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts on two bills that aim to alleviate college debt.

The Cherish Act requests $574 million from the state budget to provide adequate funding for public colleges in the Commonwealth.

The group is also working on the Debt Free Future initiative which would guarantee free public higher education for all Massachusetts residents.

When asked how their proposals will be funded, college students suggested tax hikes on wealthy residents and institutions.

“Both a four percent increase on income over a million dollars in the state of Massachusetts, something else that people are talking about is an endowment tax so this would tax private colleges whose endowment is over a billion dollars,” UMass Amherst student Timmy Sullivan said.

The student activists said that fewer people will be strapped with student debt, therefore they will be able to contribute more to the state’s economy. Allowing them to buy homes, start businesses and maybe even run for office someday.

The group is also working to raise wages for staff members at colleges across the Commonwealth.