BOSTON (WWLP) – The state commission reviewing Massachusetts’ seal and motto met Tuesday to discuss what the future of the flag looks like.

The Massachusetts state seal and motto is seen as controversial and in need of change by many Massachusetts residents, but the commission tasked in changing the seal and motto is running behind. The commission is made up of lawmakers, tribe members, representatives for the State Commission on Indian Affairs and other agencies.

The state seal and motto as it stands shows an image of an indigenous man standing under an arm wielding a sword with the Latin motto translated to “By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty”

During Tuesday meeting, the commission held two meetings, the first of its subcommittee on Public Consultation and then the History and Usages Subcommittee met. The deadline for the group’s recommendation is December 31 of this year.

They asked for an extension, but the language for that is held up in the economic development bill, which is still in conference committee.

“Our deadline is still December, just… it’s not possible to launch a project of this magnitude in just a few months and actually get something respectable to the legislature in that time,” said Jim Wallace, a member of the commission.

The group is hoping to do polling and hold open meetings to get the public involved in the future of the design and motto. If the group does not finish their work by their deadline, they are at least hoping to pass along recommendations to help in the future.

The economic development bill also included $100,000 worth of funding for the commission.