BOSTON (WWLP) – Longmeadow resident Amy Baxter took her labradoodle Ollie to daycare back in 2020, where he was mauled and later died from his injuries. Animal lovers gathered outside the State House Wednesday to fight for the passage of Ollie’s Law.

Advocates on Beacon Hill are trying to turn the tragic death of Ollie into meaningful change to kennels in the state, including doggy daycares. Animal lovers gathered with their four legged friends to bring attention to An Act Relative to Kennel Safety.

Ollie’s owner, Amy Baxter, has turned her sorrow into activism and is working to try to make sure what happened to Ollie doesn’t happen again, “Ollie, he was hospitalized for two months, and it was sort of a yo-yo of ‘oh, he’s getting better, oh wait he needs another surgery.’ And watching him suffer, and watching my daughter suffer and I just wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”

The legislation would lay down basic regulations into housing and care requirements, mandate injury reporting that would be made public and have the Department of Agricultural Resources establish rules and regulations for the operation of kennels and day cares.

Longmeadow Representative Brian Ashe told 22News, “When you hear stories like Amy, about Ollie or the other dog owners, and since that happened so many dogs have had similar experiences, and lost their lives and then the dog owners have to worry… why did that happen? Why are there no regulations? Why can anybody open a doggy daycare? Which that is what we’re trying to protect.”

The bill would also create a committee to advise the Department of Agricultural Resources on the regulations. The bill is currently in the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government, which is chaired by Senator Jake Oliveira, who supports this legislation.