BOSTON (WWLP) – The average price for child care in Massachusetts exceeds $20,000 a year.

22News has more on a bill that will try to help families in the Commonwealth. Just last week, top Democrats unveiled a proposal to help those caring for children. The bill focuses on making child care more accessible and affordable, helping childcare providers increase their capacity, and supporting the childcare workforce.

Democrats noted this would not be an overnight fix and would make investments over the years. The bill would help middle-income residents to qualify for childcare subsidies by moving the current eligibility threshold from 50% of the state’s median income to 125%.

This would move the income eligibility from $65,626 dollars to $164,065 dollars for a household of four. Subsidies would be based on a sliding fee scale model.

“So what we’ve gotta do is increase the subsidies, the support to families to afford childcare, and that includes middle-class families who often don’t get any support and are really struggling to make ends meet and to pay for the care,” said Senator Eric Lesser of Longmeadow.

Additionally, the bill calls for new scholarship and loan forgiveness programs for workers in the field in hopes to retain employees. This bill would cost an estimated 1.5 billion dollars annually over time.

Both branches invested in early childcare and education in their budgets, which are still under negotiations.