BOSTON (WWLP) – The deadline to pass major bills on Beacon Hill has come and gone, but that isn’t stopping the economic development conference committee from continuing their work.

Conference committees work in private negotiations, but it appears that the economic development conference committee has looped in Governor Baker. Formal session ended on August 1 without a compromise on the economic development bill, that included $1 billion in tax relief.

Baker said in an interview that he has been having conversations with both chambers to try and find a common ground. The bill needs to originate in the House, and House Speaker Ron Mariano is uneasy about committing to spending Chapter 62F money and the tax relief found in the bill.

“62F is why we’re in this predicament in my view, you know I’m hesitant to commit almost $7 billion to this project, potentially $7 billion, with the $3 billion in 62F, the 3.5 or whatever were spending in the bill,” said Mariano.

Senate President Karen Spilka has suggested that Governor Baker might step in and put a bill forward to provide funding for items in the economic development bill, “I still think the best route is for us to be working together with the administration and I am very hopeful about that.”

The economic development bill could go through during an informal session, if the bonding part is excluded. Unanimous consent is necessary during informal sessions, one opposing view can derail an entire bill.