Parents and teachers from across Massachusetts gathered at the State House on Tuesday to demand better public education.

Members of the Fund Our Future campaign are asking lawmakers to reinvest more than $500 million in the state’s K-12 and public university system. Organizers of the event said the money is not just necessary, it’s long overdue.

Among the many problems, Massachusetts school children face classroom overcrowding, access to teachers, and a lack of school resources. Some K-12 children have no access to a school library, and if they do they aren’t allowed to bring the books home.

“Year by year, nothing significant changes because of budget restrictions,” said Charlotte Kelly, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance. “We can’t afford to wait another year.”

Massachusetts cities and towns have tried to raise taxes to make up for the budget shortfalls. But low-income communities don’t have that option, leaving many students lacking the resources they need to succeed.

The group Fund Our Future’ is calling on state legislators to make school funding their top priority when they return to work in January.