BOSTON (WWLP) – On Beacon Hill, a final proposal was agreed upon that would give undocumented immigrants the ability to obtain a driver’s license.

Legislation has already passed in the House and the Senate, on Thursday a conference committee met to iron out the details. Within only a few hours after the Senate named their conference committee representatives, a final proposal was submitted without the support of the two Republicans on the committee.

Under the legislation, undocumented immigrants would be able to apply for a license and the I.D. would be valid for basic identification and driving. Supporters of the legislation argue that this will make the roads safer by ensuring all drivers would be properly trained and certified.

Opponents believe it is just a step too far. Republican Senator Ryan Fattman voted against the legislation earlier this month and also did not sign onto the conference committee report.

“I think there’s two major problems with it. One, it’s counterproductive for identity theft laws and two it’s counterintuitive to trying to have someone who’s here illegally, then try to become legal by giving them a card, you know, you’re disincentivizing them,” said Rep. Fattman.

These licenses would not be a REAL ID, so it would not be a valid form of Federal identification.

The two underlying bills both have strong enough margins to survive a veto from Governor Baker, who has stated his concerns with the legislation. The conference committee report will go back to both branches for approval before it makes its way to Governor Baker’s desk.