BOSTON, (WWLP) – Some Massachusetts residents are pushing back on Governor Charlie Baker’s flu shot mandate.

Opponents of the flu shot mandate say this is a huge overreach on the government’s part and now, they’re planning on taking their case to court. A private Facebook group called ‘Flu you Baker’ is currently collecting signatures of people who oppose the mandate.

The group, with more than 10,000 members, intends to file a class-action lawsuit against the state. Last week, Gov. Baker stood by the mandate citing public health concerns as a reason for putting it in place now.

“From a care delivery point of view, from a capacity point of view, having the flu and COVID-19 surge in the Commonwealth at exactly the same time would be an incredibly difficult situation,” Gov. Baker said.

The governor is asking that all students ages six months and up receive the flu vaccine by the end of the year.

A second rally opposing the mandate is scheduled to be held in Boston sometime in early October.