Gov. Baker open to increasing funding for community preservation program

Boston Statehouse

The Community Preservation Act was developed to help cities and towns preserve, restore and renovate city-owned properties. Almost two decades since its passage, 172 Massachusetts communities have voted to opt into the program.

Through the CPA program, properties such as parks, playgrounds, and historic buildings can be preserved and improved to benefit the local community.

Funding for these projects comes from a surcharge on property taxes for homeowners in those cities and towns. 

When the bill was signed into law, the state agreed to match 100 percent of whatever cities and towns raised in surplus property taxes. But the 100 percent match only lasted six years before the state began to reduce its reimbursement. 

That was until October when Governor Charlie Baker called for adjustments to be made and offered his support for a reimbursement increase.

The governor proposed raising the fee required to access deeds to make up for the reimbursement shortfall.

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