BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP)– Governor Charlie Baker has approved the pardons of three people after recommendations from the Parole Board.

All three individuals, John Austin, Phillip Hagar, and Edmund Mulvehill, applied for pardons in an effort to get approval for firearm permits. The pardons must also be reviewed by the Governor’s Council.

“The clemency process is an integral part of our criminal justice system, and I take the responsibility of granting pardons very seriously,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “After careful consideration of these cases and the recommendations of the Advisory Board of Pardons, I have reached the conclusion that these individuals are worthy candidates for a pardon. I look forward to the Governor’s Council’s review of these recommendations.”

The Massachusetts Constitution grants the Governor the power to grant pardons, and Governor Baker issued updated Executive Clemency Guidelines in February 2020.  Petitions for pardons are reviewed by the Advisory Board of Pardons. The Board evaluates the petition, weighing the factors laid out in the Executive Guidelines, and makes a recommendation to the Governor. The pardons must now be approved by the Governor’s Council.

Read John Austin’s petition here. For more on Phillip Hagar, see here. Edmund Mulvehill’s background can be found here.