BOSTON (WWLP) – Governor Baker wants to make systemic reforms to the state’s healthcare system.

This session, Governor Baker filed a bill to improve the quality of care that residents across the Commonwealth receive. His proposal puts an end to surprise billing, a practice that’s costing residents thousands of dollars each year. On top of that, the bill increases funding for behavioral health services and invests millions of dollars in mental health facilities across the state.

One issue that the Baker Administration has been trying to address for years now is the price of prescription drugs. If passed this session, Baker’s bill would put a system in place that would fine drug manufacturers that drastically increase the cost of their products.

“We’ve taken bold action before to transformational improvements in our healthcare system, and the care that’s provided to our residents, and we look forward to working with you to make that happen once again during this legislative session,” said Governor Baker.

This bill does have a lot of support on Beacon Hill, however, it is receiving pushback from the pharmaceutical community. Several ads in the Boston Globe and on Social Media have called the bill ‘dangerous.’ Opponents say the bill is just a “government price setting scheme,” which they believe will undermine innovation in the life science industry.

Committee members didn’t vote on the bill Monday. However, they did take hours of testimony both for and against the Governor’s proposal. The fate of the bill remains in their hands.