BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) In November, the Governor filed a $139 million supplemental budget request to expand shelter capacity, but lawmakers haven’t indicated that they will be acting on that request anytime soon.

Due to this, the current administration is pushing forward anyway. The Baker administration will be using available funds to start on their plans for response. That includes the creation of an intake center in Devens sometime this month.

The site will stay open for at least 4 months and will be able to house up to 60 families, or 125 individuals, at a time. The budget that the Governor filed would put $73 million towards expanding the shelter system’s capacity, $20 million for the intake center, and $37 million to help with placing students in schools.

In the meantime, officials will be using $20 million dollars from the economic development bill to start in their work. Massachusetts’ Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition said that immigrant service providers on the ground are feeling the pinch

They consistently report that services are overstretched, that new immigrants are waiting to receive basic services and in particular when it comes to housing, that there is a real scarcity unfortunately here in Massachusetts. *xpr [1] Super:Elizabeth Sweet | Executive Director, MIRA Coalition

The Department of Housing and Community Development said this week that more families have utilized emergency shelter between July and November this year than in all of 2021. That $139 million dollar spending bill remains in front of House Ways and Means.