BOSTON (WWLP) – A group of concerned residents are teaming up with lawmakers to see what role Massachusetts plays in the development of nuclear weapons.

A handful of concerned citizens gathered at the Statehouse Wednesday to call on their lawmakers to pass House bill 36-88. If passed, the bill would create a commission to investigate what options are available to reduce and eliminate the threat posed by nuclear weapons.

22News spoke to the bill’s sponsor about what prompted this change and she said a constituent reached out to her to find out where the Commonwealth’s nuclear fallout shelters are located, especially as tensions escalate between Russia and Ukraine.

This piece of legislation simply sets up a commission to talk about nuclear weapons in the state of Massachusetts and our Commonwealth’s involvement in the production, manufacture and maintenance of nuclear weapons. Commission members would be appointed by state leaders and they would be volunteering their time.

The group that was at the statehouse Wednesday met with lawmakers to try and get this proposal out of public safety committee. The fate of the bill now remains in the hands of the committee chair.