BOSTON, Mass. (WWLP) – Now that Governor Maura Healey has officially taken office her administration is already tackling top priorities.

Governor Maura Healey took the Oath of Office on Thursday and got right to work in the days that followed. One of the first moves in her new role, naming the nation’s first cabinet-level state climate chief.

Maura Healey has said that addressing climate change is one of her administration’s top priorities and that’s something that local voters say is very important.

“Every time we have these unseasonably warm days, which I’m fine with but it scares me you know. It makes me wonder how much, if we’re going to be around for much longer,” Kerry Henriques from Chicopee.

Healey also vouched to address the high costs of living Baystaters are facing.

“I think inflation is a big thing, I used to spend like $200 at the grocery store, I’ve had to narrow it down to $150 and that’s a challenge every week,” said Henriques.

For other local voters no one specific issue holds prominence but rather the overall well-being of the Commonwealth as Healey takes the reins.

“Didn’t vote for her, but I wish her well because she is our governor,” said Rudy Martinez from Chicopee.

Local residents also expressed optimism to 22News that the new governor would keep the western part of the state in mind while ironing out her priorities.

“Eastern Mass. is great, but don’t forget western Mass. over here, we need things too,” said Martinez.