BOSTON (WWLP) – Governor Healey is not slowing down as she held her first leadership meeting Monday to discuss legislative priorities with House Speaker Ron Mariano and Senate President Karen Spilka.

This is a typical closed-door meeting between the states top leaders and will offer a look at the starting stages of the dynamic the three leaders have. However, it was customary under Republican Governor Charlie Baker for House Minority leader Brad Jones and Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr to be invited to these meetings. On Monday, neither minority leader was extended the invite.

When asked why the minority leaders weren’t invited, Governor Healey said they wanted to keep the meeting small.

“We thought it was important for this, the first meeting, that it just be a meeting among the four of us. We have known each other and worked together, but in different capacities over the last many years and I think it was appropriate for this initial meeting as we sit down and talk about the future and what we all want to accomplish together,” said Governor Healey.

When 22News asked the Governor’s Press Secretary if they would be invited in the future, she said they were unsure. The governor said they spoke about their general approaches towards their jobs and the state’s workforce, education issues, healthcare and the climate.

Now, both the Senate President and Governor have proposed free-community college, with different approaches and Monday she said they need to still flesh out more details. The governor is planning to attend these meetings weekly.